Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Dottie's Delights, The Bow Bodysuit Review

Something I will always dream of being is a burlesque dancer. I love the whole art of teasing, the glamour, those confident women loving their bodies. And of course, the outfits. This little number by Dottie's Delights makes me feel like I'm one step closer to that dream.

From the second Esty Lingerie announced they would be stocking it I knew exactly what was going to happen. The Bow bodysuit is part of the Sheer Show collection designed in collaboration with the beautiful Miss Mosh and is primarily made from black mesh with a cute bow appliqué across the bust.

The bodysuit is held up by a detachable halter neck ribbon which is long enough to give you a lot of play with what length you need to tie it at. Unfortunately for me, with my bountiful bust, the ribbon gets pulled down a lot and can get a bit uncomfortable on the back of my neck after some time. But this isn't really an item that I would be wearing all day (unfortunately) anyway. The ribbon has not once slipped out of the bow that I tie it in so that is a definite upside. Technically, you have the option of going without the ribbon and therefore strapless, but this isn't really something that will work for me as I need it tied tightly in order to get a good coverage as well as so the full impact of the bow can be seen.

It was a bit difficult for me to decide on a size. According to the guide my bust would put me in a large but my hips remain in the small category, so I went down the middle and hoped that a medium would work. And boy am I glad I did! The fit is perfect, in fact a small would probably have been too snug even on my hips. The mesh is described as a stretch mesh but there isn't too much movement to it. This means that it feels comfortable but I still feel smoothed out a bit. Being a bit on the short size I get a few folds while wearing it but that's only to be expected.

The microfiber bow is a flawless example of appliqué and feels so soft to the touch. Its size and placement mean that is offers you a bit of modesty by covering up your nipples (so these photos will be instagram safe, #freethenipple) which acts as a bit of playful teasing in contrast with the sheerness of the rest of the bodysuit.

Around the legs of the bodysuit are some sweet little ruffles, again adding a playful edge to a rather sexy item. And I love this balance that they've struck up in this design. It definitely feels very true to the art of burlesque; so much so that I find myself shimmying around the flat whenever I have it on.

I can safely say that I'm in love and would definitely purchase some other Dottie's Delights designs in the future. In particular the amazing black mesh jumpsuit which is also from the sheer show collection. If you're a fellow UK dweller then, as I said before, Esty Lingerie stock a few of the designs. Lingerie lovers in the USA can find a couple of designs in Bluestockings Boutique. Otherwise they are available from the Dottie's Delights online store

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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Joan Babydoll Review

A few months ago, before I had started blogging, I was lucky enough to win a lingerie giveaway with The Lingeristas. One of the prizes was a £25 gift card for My Retro Closet and I knew straight away what that was going towards. So here you have it, my beautiful Joan Babydoll in lilac! Isn't it just gorgeous?

This babydoll has been designed and handmade by Abi, the one woman powerhouse behind My Retro Closet, and you can really see her attention to detail in it. There isn't a stitch out of place and the fabric choice means that it hangs beautifully while also being perfect for floating and swirling around in. Which is all I ever do while wearing it, as evidenced below.

I love the combination of the lilac main and pale pink hem. This, combined with those satin shoulder ties and a sweet little centre bow, probably makes this babydoll my most feminine piece of lingerie. I just feel so wonderfully girly and pretty when I wear it. Not to mention it's obvious 1960's inspiration giving it that fabulous vintage feel.

'Joan' only comes in one size which is something that I'm usually apprehensive about because my body  type does not fit into averages. I am a short, busty girl with a postpartum tummy and oddly slim hips and legs. Problematic, but I'm still learning to love it. I had no need to worry with this particular piece though as its swing style leaves plenty of room and is very flattering. As well as this, the adjustable shoulder ties give you complete control over how much of your torso you're going to have on show so these would contribute to a number of different sizes and shapes being able to wear this.

I've slept in my Joan Babydoll a couple of times now and have found it really comfortable to sleep in. Also, the shoulder ties haven't once slipped out of the bows I have put them in, either while sleeping or lounging around. So you don't have to worry about opening the door to the postman and exposing yourself to a nip-slip!

This has fast become one of my favourite nightwear options and a go to when I want to feel comfortable but pretty. If you want to get your hands on your own 'Joan', My Retro Closet has just opened an area on their site which lets you customise the original nightwear designs, so you can order it in a number of different colourways and combinations. There is also a matching bed jacket along with a few other styles. I, for one, have my sights set on the new 'Bettie' style in all red. But until then, I'll be happy lounging around as a 60's Siren in my 'Joan'.

Thanks for reading. x

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Curvy Kate Luxe Strapless Bra Review

Last summer I was heavily pregnant and spent a lot of my time in a strapless maxi dress with only a simple bandeau underneath. This was fine when my comfort level was way more important than the amount of support I was getting, but this year I decided to invest in something a bit more structured. I've had my eye on the Curvy Kate Luxe bra as a potential candidate for a while now, so when Figleaves offered 20% off their solution bras I decided to give it a go.

The Luxe is a pretty extreme contour bra; thanks to its full cups alongside some pretty dense padding, your natural shape is not going to have much of an impact on it. Inside are side slings for added support alongside rubbery piping to make sure it stays in place without straps. And it does a pretty good job of staying up for that matter! I've managed a couple of days of wearing this, while leading the very active lifestyle of chasing after a now crawling 10 month old, with only minimal adjustments throughout the day.

Aesthetically, I really love the almost androgynous look of the bra with its pin stripe details and centre bow and buttons. I appreciate the avoidance of the overt femininity that comes with that ever present skinny bow on almost every DD+ bra. Instead, this one seems almost like a tiny bow-tie, rendering the Luxe with an almost tuxedo like look, while still succeeding in being pretty.

As for the fit, I was initially quite apprehensive when the bra arrived. The cups are a very different shape to what I am used to and I don't think I've every worn a contour bra before. Having very full-on-bottom breasts I really didn't think that I would succeed in filling the tops of the cups. However, they are surprisingly shallow which results in a lot of my tissue being pulled in and up. This means that I would perhaps be cautious about trying this bra if you're very full on top because it may result in the bra cutting in to you.

The '30' band felt pretty true to size and went comfortably around my 28" underbust. My only complaint is that I really hate that rubber piping and always find it digs in and causes uncomfortable friction against my skin as the day wears on. But in my experience this is just something that you have to put up with for a decent strapless bra when you have a big bust. Also, I've spent the past year and a half in nursing bras which have super flexible underwire or none at all. This means that I'm just not used to the level of rigidity that this bra presents and for this reason I'm probably going to have to keep it down to a half day of wear at a time.

Also, I know this isn't the purpose of this bra, but if any other Mamas are wondering if they could breastfeed while wearing a strapless bra then my answer is yes to this one! It was surprisingly easy to pull down the cup, considering the padded lining, and nurse my baby with it on.

The Luxe is definitely filling a gap in the market in that there aren't many GG+ strapless bras and I am very grateful for that because I will now be able to wear my strapless summer dresses. I'm not the biggest fan of the shape it creates under my clothes but again, I think that's just because I've become so used to wearing soft cup bras. All in all I'm really happy with my purchase and hope to get a lot of wear out it in the upcoming months.

If anyone has any suggestions of other strapless bras then I'd love to hear because I'm probably going to be needing one in a 30FF after I've weaned. But who knows, I may just end up re-purchasing the Luxe because it certainly does the job. Once again, thanks for reading!