Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Amoralle Review

Hello again! Sorry that I haven't blogged in a little while, things can get pretty hectic in Mama-life. Especially when your little one is learning how to get around and very quickly at that. I've had this set for a month or so now, after buying it in the Amoralle flash summer sale. In a way I'm actually glad that it's taken me a while to write up this review however. Initially I was a quite disappointed in my purchase, more on that in a minute, but I've grown to love these items. The bodysuit in particular has become one of my favourites for summer evening lounging.

The bodysuit is called the Lace Panelling Bodysuit which I picked up for €36, as opposed to the €90 it would cost normally. The stockings, or "leg warmers" as Amoralle have called them, are called Night Secret on the site and I got them for half price at €16 euros reduced from €32. All in all, some excellent reductions! However, this was dampened slightly by the €20 shipping charge. I've ordered a pair of stockings from them before and had free shipping. On checking their site right now it's still advertising free worldwide shipping with no qualifier. So I don't know what went wrong with my order. I would maybe have queried this further at the time but the flash sale was coming to an end and I felt that I had to act quickly.

As I mentioned before, I was a little disappointed when the parcel first arrived. I don't feel like the products quite live up to the imagery used on the Amoralle site. I was expecting a more matte appearance to the stretch-jersey of the bodysuit. I feel like the sheen on it makes it look cheaper than I would ideally like, especially for something that should have cost €90. The lace panel is also a different colour from what I was expecting. The pictures used online make it look like it has a blue tinge (but maybe this is just my eyes playing up?). On top of this it has a stiffer texture than a lot of the laces that I'm used to from luxury lingerie.

However, even with all these negatives, I have really grown to love this piece. The stretch-jersey is silky soft and flexible enough to accommodate my bountiful bust in a size medium. All of the edges are hemmed with a strip of velvet which does add a touch of luxury to a rather basic design. The gusset actually features a row of hook and eye closures similar to the back of a bra. I was initially a bit nervous about the placement of tiny hooks near delicate areas but there have been no accidents thus far, and I promise to amend this review if there is. The inclusion of an adjustable gusset is actually really useful for me because I often find that bodysuits can gape around this area due to me having to size up for my breasts.

As for the stockings, I haven't got quite so much wear out of them yet. It's actually quite hot here (for England anyway) and I found myself getting really sweaty while wearing these. I guess Amoralle call them leg warmers with good reason! I do feel like a dancer while wearing them as well, I think it's something about the cut-out toe design. I suspect these will be a bit more suitable in winter when I want a some more coverage. Ideally, I would love to be able to incorporate them into outerwear but unfortunately they don't do a good job of staying up. I have this problem with my other pair of stockings from them which have lace ruffles all along the top, preventing me from using suspenders with them.

Sadly I have the same issue with the bodysuit in that it requires rather a lot of pulling up while wearing it for any length of time. But perhaps this is just to be expected with my bust stretching it outwards. If I am to ever incorporate this into outerwear I think some lingerie tape would be necessary. An easy adjustment to make for such a versatile piece.

The verdict's still out for me on Amoralle. Now that I know better what to expect I think I will be a bit happier with any future purchases. I'll certainly have to try a couple more basic or sale designs before I'm willing to make a commitment to their pricier designs. But I can definitely see myself investing in some of their velvet pieces in the future, a fabric I've always had a soft spot for.

For any British readers whose interest has been piqued, Kiss Me Deadly are stocking some of their designs for a short time. So if you want to avoid the hassle of converting prices and waiting for international postage then that's always an option.

Thanks for reading. x