Thursday, 14 January 2016

Lingerify: Sandy Olsson

I will let you in on a little secret of mine which I don't think many of my friends actually know about: I am a huge musical theatre fan. Obviously Chicago is my dream aesthetic after having seen it twice on stage and innumerable times on film, but I can't deny the joy that I experienced when The Lingerie Detective tagged me on twitter suggesting that I do a cosplay as Sandy from Grease (version 2.0) because I reminded her of the character. Now, it may be leftover FOMO from being cast as Patty Simcox in our school's production of Grease, but I immediately started thinking of lingerie outfits for her. The plan was cemented when the lovely Sian of Big Cup Little Cup stated that she was already planning a review centred around the eponymous "Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee" sleepover aesthetic.

So consider this my first collaboration! And make sure to head on over to Sian's post and enjoy the sugary sweet, retro goodness, after my biker chick guide to rock'n'rollin' your lingerie look.

For starters I went for the obvious look with an all black, biker jacket ensemble. I don't have any retro shaped bras so it was my ever trusty Panache Porcelain Elan that acted as a stand in. Here, I paired it with my Kiss Me Deadly Eliza Cincher Brief which is technically discontinued, but you can often find some older KMD online if you know where to look. My first thought was shapewear because: 1) Grease is based in 1959 and 2) Have you seen Olivia Newton John's figure in that last outfit?! I'm sure she worked really hard on getting that but there must've been a little bit of help going on.

Now, the obvious biker inspired lingerie has got to be Chantal Thomass' current Boyish line which I'll forever love The Lamb for showing me because it is pure badass gorgeousness, but also kind of hate her because it doesn't come in my size. However! For those of us in a larger cup, and even those in smaller sizes if this is more your thing, we have the stunning Wynter collection from Blue Reign. Just all the leather lingerie please.

I thought I'd do a second look with a slightly alternative styling because I feel like there should have been some leopard print underwear going on to give Sandy that extra confidence boost and Grrrl power. So for me, it's my beloved Lucky Sew and Sew Savannah knickers paired with a Kiss Me Deadly Van Doren Bralet in what I think was a Large (the tag says 36 B/C). If you have a small back/large cup and have ever wondered about fitting into this, I'm currently around a 28G/30FF and was even comfortable wearing it when my bust measurement was an inch or so bigger.

Now if you did want to go down the route of authentic 50/60s lingerie styles for a similar look, What Katie Did is obviously going to be perfect designer. Sticking to the rock'n'roll theme, their Eartha Cathedral bra has the most perfect use of leopard print I have ever seen in the lingerie world, in my humble opinion. For a softer silhouette, the Raven top by Hopeless Lingerie has that gorgeous off the shoulder/sweet heart neckline that Sandy styles for the Grease finale. Pair that with some of Hopeless' high waist knickers and you've got the perfect, contemporary Sandy Olsson lingerie.

I hope you've enjoyed this post, I certainly had fun putting it all together! And again, make sure to go and check out Sian's review. Other than that, leave a comment if there are any other musical stars you'd like to see lingerified, I've already got a few in mind but would love to hear who everyone else's favourites are. So go on... Tell me about it stud.

Thanks for reading. x

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Lingerie Resolutions 2016

I'm quite a fan of setting (realistic) resolutions so I had it in mind to do this post as 2015 was coming to an end. However I had a very busy start to the year and thought I'd missed my chance. That was until I read that the new moon today was going to be joining Pluto in Capricorn; making it a good day to write down any ambitions for the year. My thoughts were, "hey, I'll take that!" So here we are...

'Bettie' Babydoll by My Retro Closet


I've been enjoying reading my fellow lingerie bloggers' resolution posts as we've entered January, especially as some common themes have been mentioned in a couple. I loved the emphasis on buying ethically and independently in both The Lingerie Detective's post for Esty Lingerie, as well as Technicolor Lover's beautifully written Regrets. This is something I've been really aiming towards, as I mentioned in a previous post. As a feminist I feel really strongly about supporting independent designers in their practise, therefore reducing my contribution to big name corporations who can be a bit shady when it comes to standards of work and production. Which means that this year I am aiming to buy my lingerie from majority independant designers.


In a similar vein, I'm in the middle of reducing my clothing selection down to a capsule wardrobe along the terms of the Unfancy blog technique. I've been having a lot of anxiety around getting dressed lately, relating to body image issues, and I'm hoping to reduce the stress by only allowing for a few fail safe outfits. This, combined with wanting to buy more independently (which restricts wardrobe size because of the prices involved) has led me to a place I never thought I'd be in with my clothing because I love shopping. In case you're wondering, Caroline of unfancy doesn't include underwear in her list of items to limit *phew*, so this instead means that I want to buy more items that I can incorporate into outerwear. Thus creating a few more potential outfits for myself.


If I do manage to create some interesting underwear as outerwear outfits then I would love to write about them on this blog which leads me onto to my third resolution. I really want to diversify the kind of posts I'm writing on here. Reviews are great and all, but I want to incorporate my personality into this a bit more. I want you lovely readers to get to know me better! So if anyone has any requests for different types of posts comment underneath or reach out to me on social media. I'd love to hear from you.


My final resolution is a smaller one but who knows, it may prove to be harder than it appears: I really want to stop buying quite so much black lingerie. It's just such an easy colour to fall back on, but I'd really love to incorporate some pretty pastels or whites into my collection.

So there you have it, my ambitions for the coming year. I also have a potential project in the making which relates to lingerie and also my university work but it's still very early days so I'm not quite sure how it's going to pan out. Just watch this space. Other than that I'm excited to see where 2016 takes me and this little blog, hopefully you'll all stick along for the ride.

Thanks for reading. x

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Adina Raey's 'Fran' in Scarlet

Some may recognise this gorgeous set from my contribution to The Lingerista's October Wishlist. Well, it also made it onto my birthday wishlist over on pinterest. From there my ever so charming husband (who is also my talented photographer for this post) picked up on the hint and gifted me it for my birthday at the start of December. It arrived beautifully packaged in a dusky grey box with the Adina Raey name glinting in gold on top, and from that moment on I've been in love.

This is my first ever full set of red underwear since diving into the deep end of lingerie life. And this isn't just red, this is scarlet. It's a kind of scary colour for someone who's very attached to classic black but I have now been indoctrinated. My dear friend over at Of Lambs and Lace is a self confessed red lingerie addict and I fear I may now be following in her footsteps.

And it's not just the colour that I adore, but also that super soft tulle which feels feather light against my skin. It hugs all my curves without digging in in the slightest. For reference, I have the bra in a 30FF and the suspender briefs in a size Small. I was actually surprised at how supple the set is because it has such a structured look to it.

But here is where a couple of my problems with Fran lie. Now, they're only tiny problems but it does mean my expectations weren't quite met. Obviously the tulle is what gives the set that delicate, luxury look and it's spectacular that Adina Raey have managed to use it in this way for DD+ designs. However, it isn't really the most supportive of fabrics and I don't get much shaping from the bra. As my breasts aren't the perkiest these days I was hoping for a bit more lift and rounding. But alas, it's not to be.

Alongside this, you may be able to tell in a couple of my pictures that the upper band on the briefs is having a bit of a fight with my midsection. Because the fabric isn't quite stiff enough to hold it's own there's a lot of distortion that happens throughout the day as I wear the set. But I think that may be worth it to not have the band cutting in to my stomach constantly.

In terms of fit, both items seem pretty spot on. I would have preferred the bra in a 28G as I prefer a really snug band these days but I completely understand that Adina Raey have already started out with an impressive size range for such a high end brand (30DD-36G), and perhaps they'll expand in later years. Also, because this is such a luxury set it's most likely going to be saved for special occasions rather than day-to-day wear, so I doubt I'll have to worry too much about the band stretching out.

According to the size guide a small is a UK 8-10 which is my ideal high waisted pant size as it accommodates for my proportionately bigger waist compared to my hips. These are definitely well sized in that regard, and the tulle would comfortably accommodate any increase in stomach size from bloating or the like.

My only qualm with the briefs is the length of the removable suspenders. While I knew that suspender briefs are often a risky choice, I went with fashion over practicality when putting them on my wishlist. I don't mind that they pull the fabric of the briefs down a little bit, but I do think they're too long for me. Even if I adjust them to the shortest option.

The same could be said of the bra straps which are only partially adjustable because of some tulle encasing around the front of them. However, I am only 5'3" and what little height I have is in my legs, so I'm sort of used to things like this. I'd imagine a taller person wouldn't have any issues at all.

Even with the few issues I have with the set, I can't emphasise enough how beautiful I feel in it. It's rare that you find such innovative design, combined with luxury fabrics for a fuller bust and I feel so lucky to own these beautiful pieces. I'm very excited to see where Adina Raey take their brand and also if they will eventually expand the size range. If you do fall into their current range and are dissapointed by the lack of high end options for larger busts, then definitely consider Adina Raey's designs. If anyone's feeling generous then I have my eye on the Ava bodysuit in vintage pink....

Thanks for reading. x