Sunday, 10 January 2016

Lingerie Resolutions 2016

I'm quite a fan of setting (realistic) resolutions so I had it in mind to do this post as 2015 was coming to an end. However I had a very busy start to the year and thought I'd missed my chance. That was until I read that the new moon today was going to be joining Pluto in Capricorn; making it a good day to write down any ambitions for the year. My thoughts were, "hey, I'll take that!" So here we are...

'Bettie' Babydoll by My Retro Closet


I've been enjoying reading my fellow lingerie bloggers' resolution posts as we've entered January, especially as some common themes have been mentioned in a couple. I loved the emphasis on buying ethically and independently in both The Lingerie Detective's post for Esty Lingerie, as well as Technicolor Lover's beautifully written Regrets. This is something I've been really aiming towards, as I mentioned in a previous post. As a feminist I feel really strongly about supporting independent designers in their practise, therefore reducing my contribution to big name corporations who can be a bit shady when it comes to standards of work and production. Which means that this year I am aiming to buy my lingerie from majority independant designers.


In a similar vein, I'm in the middle of reducing my clothing selection down to a capsule wardrobe along the terms of the Unfancy blog technique. I've been having a lot of anxiety around getting dressed lately, relating to body image issues, and I'm hoping to reduce the stress by only allowing for a few fail safe outfits. This, combined with wanting to buy more independently (which restricts wardrobe size because of the prices involved) has led me to a place I never thought I'd be in with my clothing because I love shopping. In case you're wondering, Caroline of unfancy doesn't include underwear in her list of items to limit *phew*, so this instead means that I want to buy more items that I can incorporate into outerwear. Thus creating a few more potential outfits for myself.


If I do manage to create some interesting underwear as outerwear outfits then I would love to write about them on this blog which leads me onto to my third resolution. I really want to diversify the kind of posts I'm writing on here. Reviews are great and all, but I want to incorporate my personality into this a bit more. I want you lovely readers to get to know me better! So if anyone has any requests for different types of posts comment underneath or reach out to me on social media. I'd love to hear from you.


My final resolution is a smaller one but who knows, it may prove to be harder than it appears: I really want to stop buying quite so much black lingerie. It's just such an easy colour to fall back on, but I'd really love to incorporate some pretty pastels or whites into my collection.

So there you have it, my ambitions for the coming year. I also have a potential project in the making which relates to lingerie and also my university work but it's still very early days so I'm not quite sure how it's going to pan out. Just watch this space. Other than that I'm excited to see where 2016 takes me and this little blog, hopefully you'll all stick along for the ride.

Thanks for reading. x

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