Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Sacha Kimmes Review

***Disclaimer: This lingerie set was sent to me free of charge. This in no way affects my opinions and/or views expressed in this blogpost.

Sacha Kimmes is an indie designer based in Belgium who creates soft, effeminate lingerie designs completely by herself. I've been a big fan of her aesthetic ever since I became submerged in the wonderful world of underwear, so when she offered to send me a set to review I was over the moon. We decided the Daphne crop top, with matching Camellia open back brief, would be best suited for my bust. I then sent Sacha my measurements and she deduced that a medium size crop top with a smaller band would be best along with my usual size small pants. One of my favourite things about indie designers is that they are often willing to customise the fit for you on their designs. If you have a body type like mine that often falls outside of the size chart then it's always worth enquiring whether they can do custom sizes.

When the pieces arrived I was overjoyed. Just taking them out of the package was exciting as I could feel the softness of the lace and the silky satin bows. Every edge is finished with a velvet soft elastic which is so nice against my skin and allows for a comfortable fit. The lace also has just the tiniest amount of stretch to it so the pieces hug my body and I don't feel like my curves are straining against the fabric. In the centre of the crop top and at the back of the pants are two satin bows. Each of them is stitched in place which is great news if, like me, you're terrible at tying bows and can never get them quite even.

The fit of the Camellia brief is just as I would expect from a size small. I will admit that I was a bit worried at first about taking pictures in these after looking at the pert bum of the model on Sacha Kimmes' site. While I love these type of pants (I think at least a third of mine are open back) they're often not the most complimenting on my rather lacking backside. However I was not to worry because something about the cut of the Camellia is so flattering. For once I don't hate looking at pictures of my behind, rather I actually had a hard time choosing between them all for this post!


The Daphne crop top is also an excellent fit but I would caution that I think this is a lot to do with my new breast type. A year of nursing my baby has led to a severe loss of density in my breasts, and they weren't all too firm to begin with. This means I can squish them into pretty much anything because they don't hold much of a shape by themselves any more. If you have firm and large breasts I would suggest checking if the crop top can be lengthened as I found it sits really high on my chest, unlike the usual positioning of my breasts. But because I am able to scoop mine up into the top it gives me some pretty impressive cleavage. Along with that, the full coverage aspect of it means that I am not constantly spilling out of it in the same way I am with so many of my bras nowadays. All in all Daphne has proven really supportive which is not something I often find in bralettes or designs like this. I usually opt for them in search of comfort and a bit more coverage, but with this I can have that plus a bit of lift.

So... I love these. There isn't really much more to be said. The delicate lace and bows make the set seem more pretty and innocent than you would expect from black lace lingerie with backless pants. I feel feminine while not being overtly sexual. Instead I feel like this is a set designed just for me to enjoy, which I do very much! Sacha has a number of designs in the same black lace in her store which you could mix and match with either of these; just in case you prefer your pants with a bit less exposure, or slightly less coverage on your upper half. For me it's the Adama collection that I have my sights set on next.

Thanks for reading, and thank you Sacha for sending me such wonderful pieces. x

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