Monday, 25 May 2015

Dressing Up Your Nursing Bras

If you follow me over on instagram then you'll become aware, by looking at my pictures, that I basically just wear the same black Anita nursing bra non-stop. I have the exact same bra in white as well, and another in black with a floral pattern on it. These three bras get worn on rotation, being washed every second wear and rarely making it back into my underwear drawer before I'm in need of one again.

But this is not the way I have always been when it comes to lingerie! I didn't even own a plain t-shirt bra before pregnancy, much preferring daring designs and colours concealed beneath my clothing. But alas, there's not too much on the market in that way for nursing bras in my size. Alongside that, us Mama's often find ourselves unwilling to splash out on excess bras that we may only be wearing for a short time, so a few basics are always necessary. However that doesn't mean that the rest of our lingerie look has to be simplistic!

So here's where this post comes in. In it I've compiled a few ideas of ways you could dress up your nursing bras if you're like me and are more Dita Von Teese than Calvin Klein. And this would work for any plain bras, if you're looking for a way to get a bit more mileage out of them without investing in a whole new set.

Fancy Pants

First things first, the most easy way to jazz up your nursing bra look is to get yourself some lovely pants. Silk, lace, patterned, frilly... The choices are endless! Go cheeky in something ouvert or ultra femme with a big bow. Even something simple but fun like my Starwars pants. Just whatever makes you feel good!


There are numerous little add-ons which you can buy to give that extra something to a lingerie outfit. Maybe a collar, like this one from Gigi Noir? They also do some fab ears and cuffs. I personally have a weakness for garters- they're not just for your wedding day! I always feel like a 20s flapper when I've got one on, especially this one, pictured above, which is an Esty Lingerie design. Estelle also does a number of accessories which you can attach to your bras. Below is an example of one which she designed for her 100 Days Project. These are great if you're really into that strappy lingerie trend that's so popular right now. 


So I've already mentioned how obsessed I am with harnesses. These are again perfect if you're into the strappy look but can't find anything in your size. This one on the left is again from Esty Lingerie and is currently at a reduced price! But if you do have a bit more cash to splash I would highly recommend Karolina Laskowska's designs like this agate harness on the right which is currently in her outlet along with a few other designs. Other companies which do beautiful pieces which would be great for layering are ones like Battie Clothing, or Hopeless Lingerie which I would own so much of if it weren't for customs charges.

Make an outfit out of it!

Wearing stockings and a suspender belt makes me feel more put together than anything else ever will and its pretty simple to find a suspender belt which will match a plain black bra. However, my favourite oufit always incorporates my Kiss Me Deadly cupless vargas dress. Because there is no integrated bra you can wear it with your own so it doesn't matter what size you are! Plus it has a double layer of power mesh around the stomach area which smooths out any postnatal wobbly bits.

These are just a few of the ways I've found make it easy to jazz up my nursing bras and help me feel pretty through those few difficult months immediate to giving birth when you have to get used to your new body. Please comment with any of your own ideas and tricks and remember to give me a follow on social media in order to keep up with my posts! Thanks for reading.


  1. Thanks for featuring a few of my items :) I didn't buy much maternity lingerie for the reason you mentioned - I knew I wouldn't be wearing it for long, plus it seemed like my size changed every month anyway! I managed to get a gorgeous grey leopard nursing bra set on eBay (Freya maybe? Don't remember) and bought a plain black one too, and then just matched the black one with all my pretty black knickers on rotation which looked a lot nicer than the plain knickers that were supposed to come with it!

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